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Dogon Art and Masks


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African art, masks and artifacts of the Dogon. The Dogon are an agrarian people of about 600,000 who live in the west African country of Mali and Burkina Faso. The Dogon are among the most famous iron workers in Africa. In earlier times, Dogon craftsmen had perfected methods of refining iron ore into steel, and Dogon blacksmiths were renowned for their skillfully made tools and weapons. Much of the ore refinement operations are gone now from Dogon society, the artisans relying instead on scrap steel salvaged from junk cars and railroads.


Dogon Mask 9
African Dogon Mask 9

Dogon Mask 24
African Masks - Dogon Mask 24 

Dogon Mask 30
African Masks - Dogon Mask 30 

Dogon Mask 33
African Masks - Dogon Mask 33 

Dogon Mask 49

Dogon Mask 13
African Masks - Dogon Mask 13 

Dogon Mask 10
African Masks - Dogon Mask 10 

Dogon Mask 8
African Masks - Dogon Mask 8 

Dogon Mask 7
African Masks - Dogon Mask 7 

Dogon Mask 5
African Masks - Dogon Mask 5 

Dogon Stool 2
African Stools - Dogon Stool 2 

Dogon Mask 29
African Masks - Dogon Mask 29 


Dogon Mask 36
African Masks - Dogon Mask 36 

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