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African Statues - Dogon Primordial Couple

African art and scuplture of the Dogon people 

This Primordial couple is of wood, and is 14.5 inches tall and 6.75 inches wide at the base. African art and artifacts of the Dogon. Dogon mythology tells of one Primordial Couple who begat the entire world. That couple is traditionally represented in art and sculpture as sitting together on a stool. The base of the stool represent the earth, and the seat represents the sky. This statue falls squarely within that tradition and also displays other characteristics of Dogon carving. The generally oval heads; the exaggerated and pointed breasts of the female; the extremely squared shoulders; the arms and legs which line up parallel or at right angles: these are all distinctive of the Dogon sculptural language


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African Decor - Africa Statue Tribal African Statues from the Dogon

African Decor - Africa Statue Tribal African Statues from the Dogon

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